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War thunder patch 1.79 downloaden

war thunder patch 1.79 downloaden

use different shells. Centre of mass and inertia updated, max g-load value has been increased. DGP-1 - Display of electrical cables has been fixed; the weight of the container has been fixed (source) Mk 108 cannon - Cannon mass has been adjusted (source).

Mk 103 cannon - Ignition-tracer ammunition has been changed to incendiary ammunition. Kikka - Bombing preset with 800 kg armour piercing bomb has been removed. North sea - Naval location for combined battles. For aircraft, with the help of the cursor it is possible to specify the separate damaged element of a covering. Destroyer Cowell (DD-547 mTB LS, mTB S-38, mTB S-38b. The visual part of the shot of the tank cannon near water has been improved. OS2U (all modifications) - Guidance angles for the defensive turret have been adjusted (source).

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MTB (PT-810 mGB Elco 77 ft (PT-59 mGB USS Tucumcari (PGH-2). Ki-27 otsu - Geometry data updated. When you open the cockpit canopy, the cockpit reverb smoothly goes into the reverberation of the open space. Penetration values for the angles of the encounter between shell and armour has been corrected. . Chieftain.3 - Engine power has been changed from 650 to 660. Source: Swedish datasheet for production model AMX 50, 1951. The cockpit canopy now strongly filters out external sounds, greatly reducing their intensity. Source: RAC - AFV Situation Report. Ki-102 otsu - Type of the aircraft has been changed (source). He 111 H-16 Separate game dev tycoon gratis downloaden cracked without piracy bomb dropping for 1000 kg bombs has been added.